Marshmallow & Toothpick Geometry Cards

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Make learning about geometric shapes fun with this interactive and engaging marshmallow and toothpick activity! This printable Marshmallow and Toothpick Geometry Cards set comes with 24 cards with detailed, colored graphics to show your child how to build 2D and 3D shapes with nothing but yummy marshmallows and toothpicks! 

With these Marshmallow and Toothpick Geometry Cards, parents can help their children develop a greater understanding of shapes and their properties. They can explore the world of geometry through various hands-on activities such as building 2D shapes like hexagons, making 3D shapes like pyramids, and using toothpicks to determine the edges and faces.

The 24 cards include the following shapes:

2D Shapes

  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Rhombus
  • Rectangle
  • Parallelogram
  • Trapezoid
  • Pentagon
  • Hexagon
  • Heptagon
  • Octagon
  • Nonagon
  • Decagon
  • Star

3D Shapes:

  • Cube
  • Triangular pyramid 
  • Square pyramid
  • Pentagonal pyramid 
  • Hexagonal pyramid
  • Octahedral pyramid
  • Triangular prism
  • Rectangular prism
  • Pentagonal prism
  • Hexagonal prism
  • Octahedral prism

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Customer Reviews

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Jenn Battista
Awesome resource

Thanks so much!

Carolina Fleming

My students loved it! It is a wonderful idea!

Rachel Liepins
Nice design

I found it troubling that there was an extra marshmallow along the length of some of the edges. I understand why it's there, just that it's confusing for beginning learners.

For the 3D shapes that have marshmallows connecting toothpicks to form the slanted edges, the marshmallows are necessary to ensure that the slanted edges are longer than the base edge. For a regular hexagonal pyramid, for example, the faces are isosceles triangles and therefore the slanted edges are longer than the base edges.


My son used it to play his geomags 😊

Miss Cash
My students loved it!

I used these activity cards with my 3rd grade students and they loved them. They had fun building the 2D and 3D shapes with marshmallows and toothpicks. It was also an educational experience as we worked together to determine the number of sides and vertices for each shape. Thank-you!