Alphabet Letter Crafts: Animals

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Your preschoolers and kindergarteners will love learning their alphabets with these animal alphabet letter crafts!

This fun activity is a great way to help your kids and students learn their letters. You can incorporate these letter crafts into the letter of the week activity. 

This set includes 26 animal letter crafts (black and white) with the 26 capital letters of the alphabet. There is a place for word tracing on the bottom of each template where the student can practice writing out the names of the animals. 

Simply color the templates, cut out the pieces, and assemble! You can use the finished letter crafts to decorate the walls of your homeschool room or classroom. You can also put them in clear sheet protectors and place them in a binder to create an animal alphabet book!

This set of alphabet letters crafts include:

  • A is for Alligator
  • B is for Bear
  • C is for Cat
  • D is for Dinosaur
  • E is for Elephant
  • F is for Flamingo
  • G is for Giraffe
  • H is for Horse
  • I is for Iguana
  • J is for Jellyfish
  • K is for Kangaroo
  • L is for Lion
  • M is for Mouse
  • N is for Newt
  • O is for Owl
  • P is for Peacock
  • Q is for Quail
  • R is for Rabbit
  • S is for Snake
  • T is for Turkey
  • U is for Urchin
  • V is for Vampire Bat
  • W is for Worm
  • X is for X-Ray Fish
  • Y is for Yak
  • Z is for Zebra

Finish alphabet animal crafts included for your reference.

Instant digital download (nothing will be shipped). 

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How do I assemble the Zebra?


I like this idea

Please send me examples :(

I love the set, but I have reached out several times about not receiving the examples in my purchase, and I never get a response. Can somebody please send me the examples? [****] :( please and thank you!

Cindy Maggiore

My students are enjoying The Alphabet Letter Craft!

Lisa Bernet

Alphabet Letter Crafts: Animals